Grange Bowmen Inc.

About Us

Welcome to the Grange Bowmen Inc.

Grange Bowmen is a Brisbane based archery club that was formed over 30 years ago and today boasts one of the best facilities on offer to any archer. The club is 'Australian Bowhunting Association' (ABA) affiliated. This means we are part of a national body of ABA clubs who offer their members exciting diversity in the targets they shoot as well as offering both social (club) and competetive ABA shooting. Our culture is to promote archery as a social sport and our members are a friendly group made up of men, women and children.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have to be a hunter to join?
Absolutely not, infact many of our members don't hunt. The great thing about ABA shooting is that it offers the archer a great variety of 'natural' targets with scoring zones which aren't that clear until you get very close. This adds a level of intrigue and makes you 'learn' the scoring zones so if you ever did hunt you should be better prepared. We usually ensure there are also traditional round (IFAA) targets on our practice range to offer archers the best of both worlds.

Okay, I'm keen to try archery, where to from here?
It's easy, simply come down to the club to one of our sessions on an instruction day (check calendar) and complete a probationary membership application (small fee). This is a mandatory requirement by the ABA as we are required to ensure all participants are covered for public liability insurance. Currently, a 3 month probationary membership is only $35 for adults and $25 for children. There are also special membership rates for families. Please ensure to send an email to our membership secretary first to reserve your spot as these days are very popular, we usually run a session at 10am and 1pm

I don't have a bow and I don't know how to shoot?
No problems, we really enjoy teaching new comers. Infact as a special bonus your probationary membership even includes a 2 hour instruction session on your first day with FREE bow and arrow hire. Subsequent bow hire is available on Saturdays and Sundays for a small fee. Remember that as a member of Grange Bowmen help is always on hand should you need it. You will find your tuition alot of fun but be careful, you may get hooked on archery!

So where can I shoot if I join?
As a probationary member you are restricted to a limited distance as a safety precaution. Once you become a full member you have access to our two 'wilderness' ranges. Each range is set in a natural bush environment and each consists of targets set at various distances. These bush walks are really the icing on the cake and allow you to see if your practice has prepared you for the real thing! As an ABA member you will also be able to shoot at most other ABA affiliated clubs for a small fee.

When can I access the club house?
As a member of Grange Bowmen you have access to our very comfortable club house on most weekends or when a committee member is present. After a hard shoot you can relax on the couch, listen to music, watch movies or just brag about your scores while having a drink!

If we've missed anything you would like to know, please pop in on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon so we can answer any questions.